Public Speaking

The ability to stand up and speak in front of a group of people is one of the most highly-valued and widely-admired skills an individual can possess. For some, the ability to give a compelling speech or presentation can mean closing a sale, getting a promotion, or charting a new career path. For others, it can mean inspiring the sports team they coach, or raising public awareness about a social issue they care deeply about. Club 22 can provide you with the knowledge, training, and skills to help you achieve your goals, both professional and personal.

Many of us enjoy sharing our opinions, knowledge, and experiences with groups of friends or co-workers. We'll feel little hesitation holding forth on how we would improve the football team we support, what we thought of the standard of refereeing during the weekend's game, or why our recipe for Tuscan lemon chicken is vastly superior to our mother-in-law's. Yet when we are asked to stand up in front of a group of strangers, or at a slightly larger gathering, and say essentially the same thing, many of us begin to feel hesitant or uneasy.

By participating in Club 22's informative, enjoyable, and no-pressure public speaking training sessions, you'll greatly improve your confidence and ability to speak in front of groups of people in both formal and informal settings. You'll also be embarking on one of the most personally rewarding and socially enriching chapters of your life, regardless of your age, gender, background, nationality or occupation.

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Career Success

In business, the ability to give an acceptable oral presentation is a key component in succeeding at a senior level. By taking concrete steps to improve your ability to confidently speak in front of medium and large groups of people, you'll significantly increase your value at your company and in your own professional life. Skill in public speaking can mean greater job security, more opportunities to travel, and increased visibility of your ideas and potential to senior decision-makers and industry-leaders.

Many job interviews are conducted by a panel. When you find yourself sitting across the table from five or six people, imagine the advantage you'll have over other candidates by demonstrating that you can speak confidently about the qualifications and the experience you have.

Small business owners and the self-employed also need to be able to market and promote their businesses in the best possible light to potential clients. The skills you learn and practice at Club 22 will give you a considerable advantage when selling your product or service, or convincing potential investors to lend you the funds to help your business expand.

Competent speakers find it much easier to come across opportunities that carry their careers or businesses forward. They see speaking not as a source of discomfort, but as an invaluable opportunity to build their business networks and professional reputation.

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Social Events

In our social lives, we are often called upon to give a retirement speech, a wedding speech, a eulogy, or a half-time pep-talk at our son or daughter's sports contest. It would be unfortunate to feel unable to adequately communicate our pride at a daughter's wedding, 21st, graduation party, our deeply-felt gratitude at the years of loyal service rendered at co-worker's retirement, or our fondest memories at the funeral of a loved one. On these occasions, you'd much rather be thinking about how proud these people have made you feel - not thinking about how nervous or uneasy you are. Our training sessions regularly give members the opportunity to practice the dos and don'ts of wedding speeches, award ceremonies, and retirement speeches. Many of our visitors and members have remarked that these activities are the most fun they've ever had in a public speaking class.

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Personal Growth

One of the most powerful and unexpected benefits of taking part in Club 22's public speaking training sessions is the improvement in your general self-confidence and overall self image. For some reason, the confidence that comes from getting up and speaking in front of an audience spills over into other areas of your life. Even high-achieving individuals such as elite athletes, surgeons, and CEOs of major companies have remarked that they've noticed their self-talk has become more positive as a result of regular participation in public speaking training activities.

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PowerPoint Presentation Skills

The ability to do a PowerPoint presentation well is an extremely valuable skill. An effective presentation can have a significant positive impact on your career, win your company new clients, or help your charity gain access to much-needed funding. Poor presentations can tarnish an organisationís image and derail a promising career, yet surprisingly few people put any effort into developing their presentation skills. A good presentation is simply about having a clear message, a well-structured plan, and the confidence to communicate that message Ė things that anyone can learn.

By carrying out a dry-run of your presentation at Club 22, youíll benefit in two ways: Youíll have rehearsed your presentation in a friendly and supportive environment, and youíll receive objective, constructive, and useful feedback from our club coach on ways you can enhance your slides, message, and delivery. By combining a practice-run of your presentation with the expert feedback youíll receive, the quality and impact of your presentation will clearly distinguish you from your peers.

Presentations that are appreciated, remembered, and acted upon arenít about glitzy slides, dizzying animations, or drowning your audience in data. Effective presentations influence, educate and persuade an audience. An excellent presentation isnít accidental Ė itís the result of practice and expert advice. Being a member of Club 22 will provide you with ample amounts of both.

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